Modern, elegant and luxurious interiors

Breathtaking design essentials for modern home living.

Palm Beach Marble supplies South Florida with high-end top quality products.

Our work includes countertops, vanity tops, tabletops, stairs, walls, floors and ceilings, etc.  Principle markets include builders and designers, and production is 70% flooring and 30% fabrication work.  Additionally, the company purchases its slabs both locally and overseas.  “We cater to high-end homes in South Florida,” said the owner.  “All of our business is the result of word of mouth from contractors, designers and decorators, and we like to think that it is due to our work ethics and pursuit of excellence.”

What Sets Us Apart From the Rest?

“The secret to our success and rapid growth is listening to our customers and giving them a high quality product in a minimum amount of time.”

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